Jacquelyn Martin - Tribe of Ghosts: Inner Light

Jacquelyn Martin is a press photographer for the Associated Press in Washington DC. She has travelled around the world taking photographs of American diplomacy with both Secretariesof State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Here though, she turns her attention to Tanzania, specifically people with albinism. These poignant portraits serve to bring to light the difficulties that albinos are facing in the country. Due to superstition, people with albinism are ostracised in Tanzania and often killed for muti by witchdoctors. It has also been reported that some people believe that having sex with an albino can cure HIV, which has allegedly lead to sexual abuse and rape of young girls with the condition.

Here, we see Martin using photography as activism. Her touching portraits of these people who are forced out of society serve to tell us their story and raise awareness of their plight. While the images themselves are beautifully constructed, they are so much more than mere 'decoration' or an image for the sake of it.

While the capturing of images is something we all do on a weekly or even daily basis (thanks to cellphones) this type of photography, where the photographer makes a true statement through their images is so powerful. It shows us not only the beauty of humanity but also the power that an arresting image can have. While we are undeniably living in the time of image overload, this type of work will always shine through.

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