Hubbards Creamy Porridge Packaging

Hubbards is a brand of porridge from New Zealand that makes amongst other things, flavoured instant oats. Rather than focus on speed or simplicity in their packaging design, Hubbards along with their design agency, Coats, have created beautiful packaging that speaks to the quality of the product. From the soft watercolour splashes through to 'window' in the packaging that allows you to see the product itself, this packaging tells us that what we are looking at is tasty, quality and good for you too. For FMCG brands, it is so easy to fall into the trap of designing things that look like 'FMCG brand design'. While this allows for your pack to be recognisable by consumers, it also doesn't do much to differentiate you from your competitors on the shelf. This is especially difficult for newer entrants to the market as they do not have a legacy of design from which to draw or that people expect to see. Consider our SA heritage brands like Mrs Balls Chutney or All Gold Tomato Sauce - they've been around so long that any significant change to their packaging would only serve to irritate people. Here, Hubbards was releasing a new line of porridges, which allowed them to push the envelope and make something premium and appealing.

And honestly, after seeing this on the shelf in a supermarket, how could you not want to buy some and take it home? This is the power of great design.

If you'd like to know more about packaging and how to create beautiful brands that people can fall in love with, we suggest you take a look at our design stream. In three years you'll cover all the necessary avenues of design, from corporate identity through to packaging and even further.

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