Shwe Shwe Ice Cream

We love this! Shwe Shwe Ice Cream is a South African brand that not only makes incredible ice cream but also understands the value of great design. Here, they got Fanakalo to design their packaging and we must say, this is some of the nicest packaging we've seen come out of SA in a long time. Using traditional pattern making as inspiration, Fanakalo designed patterns for each flavour of ice cream, resulting in a packaging direction that is unique and instantly recognisable. It is so gratifying to see South African design and creativity represented in this way. Rather than copying international design trends for ice cream (this could easily have ended up looking like a rehash of Ben & Jerry's or Haagen-Dazs) Fanakalo and Shwe Shwe Ice Cream have managed to create something that is for us, by us.

So... who wants ice cream?

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