Adrienne Salinger - In My Room

Adrienne Salinger is an American photographer who has an impressive body of work that spans decades. Here, we're sharing her work from the 90s, where she shot portraits of American teenagers in their rooms. This eventually became a book, published in 1995, which you can check out here. What we love about these is not only are these beautiful portraits that tell someone's story through their immediate environment and the objects they chose to surround themselves with, they are also time capsules. In 2016, teenagers are finding self-expression through online means - these bedroom walls have now become Facebook walls, Twitter profiles and Tumblr pages. But in the 90s, none of these avenues of expression existed. Teenagers had to decorate their physical environments to represent their personalities.

This is the power of photography. It can represent people, but it can also give us a window into a past that truly wasn't so long ago, but feels so far away that it's impossible to imagine.

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