Noble Rey Brewing - Packaging

We've featured quite a few craft beer packaging designs on the blog, because, well... they're generally quite special. As the category is more fun and experimental, it allows for more expression when it comes to design. Not bound by issues of 'heritage' and 'tradition' in their branding, as most older more established beers are, craft beer brands are allowed to be more fun and engaging in their design. And while we may see some interesting limited edition cans and other things from established 'corporate' brewers - they tend not to push the envelope too far. Enter Noble Rey, with their illustration-forward design. In a category that is all about experimentation and finding interesting ways to stand out, these are just spot on. With nifty character design, Noble Rey created stackable cans that form full size characters when you line them up properly. If you were to walk into a bottle store or bar and see these lined up like this, how could you not ask for one? They're just so much fun!