Nike - Da Da Ding


This new film for Nike India by W+K Delhi is something we have to share. We all know the Nike brand and what it stands for - working hard and achieving, with style and attitude. But how do those brand values come to life in an Indian context, specifically for Indian women? This is especially tricky in a country where women are not always treated as equally as men are. Enter Da Da Ding, the new film from Nike in India. It features female athletes doing their thing, being brilliant, winning, being sassy and not giving up - all in an Indian way. It's plain to see that this was not made by a creative team that does not come from India. From the beautiful art direction and colour through to the understanding of Indian women, this is just too exciting. If you're male or female, Indian or not - it's very difficult to watch this and not get excited.

All of the attitude of Nike, with all of the vibrance and energy of India. How can you not love it?