Muck Daddy - Design

When you think of cleaning products and good design, it's safe to say you probably won't be too inspired. There may be one or two interesting things done by brands, but by and large you expect the design for cleaning products to be safe and trustworthy and honestly - just a little bit boring. Consider automotive cleaning products specifically - there's generally half an aisle dedicated to them in your supermarket - and they're pretty dull. Most of the brands are somewhat interchangeable and feature things like steering wheels, car tyres or wheels and other typical car imagery. The names too don't inspire much. Either they're pretty descriptive or they can be acronyms or just a series of numbers and letters. But there's no reason that these brands need to be so boring!

Enter CBA, a branding and design agency from the USA. They did the branding for the cleaning product you see before you. Now granted, we can assume that the target audience for this brand would be somewhat different than that of dishwashing liquid (it's probably mostly men who need heavy duty hand cleaner / degreaser after working on cars) but that doesn't mean that we need to be safe and boring when making design and branding decisions.

Consider the consumer's decision making process at the shelf. He (or she, if she's into working on cars) is faced with a number of cleaning products, mostly boring and generic or - there's Muck Daddy. It seems like a bit of a no-brainer when you put it that way!