Green Day - Bang Bang Lyric Video


It's a bit of a music video themed week this week! When we came across this video for Green Day's new single, it was obvious we had to share it. Whether you're a fan of the band or not, you have to appreciate the maniacal collage style they used to bring the lyrics to life. That's right - it has now become so complicated for bands, that they will often release 'lyric videos' on YouTube before releasing the actual video itself. This allows fans to get a taste of the song and have some pre-hype before the real video comes out. While this may seem quite a convoluted way to go about your business, this suits us design-nerds because we often see some really interesting design thinking used to bring the lyrics themselves to life.

So whether you'd rather turn the volume up, or play it on mute - take a few minutes to appreciate the illustration style of this video. It could inspire your next piece of work!