BRU-V Print Campaign

Such a fun campaign by DDB Toronto. Such a perfect example of bringing a benefit to life. Do it in a self-deprecating way like we have here and you've got a fun, engaging and memorable campaign on your hands. The product: Bru-V - A glass that protects your beer from the sun's UV rays, which offers you beer that tastes 'slightly better'. Not 100% better, amazing, incredible or revolutionary - just... slightly better.

The solution: Show side by side images where one is only slightly better than it was before. A girl with a beard ends up with a just a moustache, a guy with two skew eyes ends up with one pointing the right way and last but not least - a bald man doesn't get his full head of hair back, but he gets something.

By being self-deprecating and not over-claiming (as we know brands love to do) Bru-V does a great job of humanising their brand and bringing people along for the ride. Let's be honest - if you're in the market for a special glass for your beer that will make it just a little bit better, the chances are you'll appreciate this kind of humour.

Great stuff!