Hot Rod Oil Beer - Packaging

If you've been following our blog, it will become clear quite quickly that we like featuring craft beer packaging quite often. It's not only that we enjoy the good old amber ale (almost as much as we love wine; being headquartered in Stellenbosch does rub off on you) it's also that craft beer lends itself to design that is a bit more daring and out there. By taking risks in brewing as well as branding and design, these craft brewers are able to punch above their weight and offer consumers something more compelling than your average 'corporate' beer. Enter Hot Rod Oil. They're based in Germany, they love cars and they hit upon the idea with their creative agency, Mirbach Schmolzi, that the same way people like to tinker with their cars and improve them is the same way Hot Rod Oil likes to make beer.

This informed all their design thinking. They looked at old hot rod design and iconography and brought it to their package design. We've got checkered flags, spanners, sexy typography and a really nifty all-white bottle that is somewhat reminiscent of the finish on cars.

Rev your engines and have a look at the full design below!