Jason Bourne - Remember Everything


Matt Damon has recently returned as Jason Bourne. If you've watched any of the movies you'll remember that well... he doesn't remember what he's done or who he is. He wakes up, he's being chased by people and he has the training and skills of a CIA agent... but he doesn't know how. Throughout the original movie and the series, he slowly uncovers more of his past. The latest movie came out in 2016 after an almost 10 year hiatus for Jason Bourne. To promote the new film, a multimedia project was launched which asks you the question: Can you recall your memories? With some nifty social media integration including Facebook, Instagram and Google Maps, this site puts you in Jason Bourne's shoes and challenges you to remember exactly what you were doing on specific days and specific times.

If you give it a go, you'll very quickly realise that our memories are perhaps not as reliable as we would think. Click the link below, if you dare!

Remember Everything.

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