Ariel - Why is laundry only a mother's job?


Washing powder is somewhat of a trope in advertising circles. It makes your whites whiter than white and it's been a staple of advertising for decades. In fact - the reason we call soap operas, 'soap operas' is because washing powders back in the good old days would sponsor dramatic television shows aimed at females. But it's 2016 now.

This piece from Ariel challenges what it means to be a woman in 2016 and how household responsibilities should be shared between males and females. While this was made in India (another emerging economy) we feel that something like this could be just as relevant here in South Africa.

Not only is this execution put together well and emotionally engaging, it is also a really brave piece of work. Ariel is now becoming a brand with a real purpose. It's very easy to just show before and after shots of shirts with stains on them, but Ariel asked a really important question here: What if our washing powder could stand for something?

Fearless, bold work. Well done to the whole team behind this!