Justin Poulter - Google Allo Stickers

We've featured Justin Poulter's work before on the blog. With his illustrations for the Under Armour Steph Curry 2.5 as well as his typography work. Here, we're sharing a set of stickers he illustrated for the new chat app from Google, Allo. From a designer's / illustrator's perspective it's so interesting to see how illustrations and images that would normally be used for print as spot illustrations (for example) are now finding new homes online as print as a medium becomes more squeezed almost on a daily basis. We've always needed to produce images that can represent an idea or make a piece of copy come to life, but in the past this was mostly limited to print. Now that we are living digitally, sharing messages and text with each other all the time - that same need comes to the fore, maybe even more strongly than it did in print.

As we all know, it's incredibly difficult to express yourself properly using just text - that's how we ended up with emoticons and of course everyone's favourite: Emoji. The idea of 'stickers' for chat applications has recently seen an interesting uptick - now we can not only use 'faces' in the form of emoji to illustrate our feelings, we can now use themed stickers to add more oomph to our conversational gambits.

Enter Justin Poulter and his work for Allo - no mean feat to plan and illustrate so many different ideas and ways to apply them! This sports-themed pack he illustrated is too much fun - check them out below.