Jeep - Nature is Unpredictable

We LOVE this work from Leo Burnett Turin. This is such a great example of all of the creative advertising arts at work together. We've got a strong benefit that is brought to the fore in a smart way (usually thanks to a copywriter) we've got a really clever way of representing that idea (usually thanks to an art director) and then it's executed absolutely beautifully (usually thanks to an illustrator). You'll notice we used the word 'usually' quite a lot there, because while these are the basic designations of those disciplines - great ideas can often come from anywhere. Here, Leo Burnett was working with the Jeep's 'forward collision warning'. It's a great feature for car, but how do you bring it to life in an interesting, memorable or creative way? You can see the thinking quite clearly - when you're driving on the road, you never know what could jump in front of you: Nature is unpredictable. We see all the ways in which something could jump in front of your car. But it's made funny, visually arresting and engaging, thanks to some stellar illustration work.

It doesn't get better than this!