Studio Feixen - Website redesign

Studio Feixen are a design studio based in Lucerne and they do Swiss design with absolute aplomb. Beautiful, bold type is paired with simple colour blocks and illustrations for work that is at once so perfectly retro and 'Swiss' while also entirely timeless. We like to think that all the best designs are worth stealing. So, if you make a street pole poster and someone takes their time to steal it off the pole and take it home - that means you've created something worthwhile. We would steal pretty much any of these works without a second thought!

Do yourself a favour and check out their site too. Not only does it showcase their incredible work, it does so in a smart way. It can be quite difficult to represent flat design work online as it needs to be seen in real life, but Studio Feixen have used some smart thinking here to not only show the work, but also the personalities of the three designers who work there too.