Gryadka - Packaging

How do you depict ethical farming, hard work and dedication to doing things properly purely through packaging and design choices? This is the dilemma that the Russian design agency Ragordost was wrestling with when faced with helping design an identity and packaging concept for Gryadka, an ethical meat supplier. Using a hand-drawn illustration style and a clever 'shadow animal' motif, they were able to show the effort and care that went into rearing and butchering this meat. The idea being - seeing the 'hands of the farmer' would help you as an end-user understand the effort that has gone into these products. This warm, homely hand-drawn illustration style extends to the the flip side of the packaging too, featuring portraits of farmers and stories about them and their philosophies. We even see maps of just where the animals are reared.

While at first one may not think that shadow puppets are not entirely relevant to organic / ethical meat - we can see that this solution is almost perfect. Ragordost were able to really bring to life the ethos of the company, purely through design. From where we stand, that looks like genius!