Elsa Bleda - Photography

Elsa Bleda was originally born in France but now makes Jo'burg her home. After a childhood of moving from country to country with her parents, a chance trip to South Africa when she was 18 somehow made her want to put down roots. Inspired by Jo'burg and the emptiness of it at night, the juxtaposition between the harsh, bustling daytimes and the quiet, eerie nighttimes; Bleda's work is at once architectural and stark but also quite touching and meaningful. The sprays of colour across these forlorn cityscapes offer a softness and warmth to these buildings that you may not notice in the day time.

What a great new way to look at one of our cities too. It really makes you reassess the way you think about a place, when you see it in such a different light (literally in this case!).

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