Posts in Art Direction
Tenderstem Broccoli - Print Campaign

Broccoli is not the most exciting vegetable. In fact, it finds itself in a category of foods which many people wouldn't say are the least bit exciting at all. And yet a brand like Tenderstem Broccoli, with the help of ad agency McCann Bristol, was able to really push the boundary! With beautifully art directed scenes of broccoli doing, well, pretty amazing things - Tenderstem has completely repositioned what broccoli can be. Whether it's surfing on waves of lettuce or bungee jumping over a river of noodle broth - this isn't how you imagined broccoli.

Check out more of the campaign below.

Airtel - Print Campaign

We love this piece of work for Airtel by Ogilvy Worldwide. As it's all about the claim that Airtel is 'Africa's Fastest Network', it shows classic predator and pray animals of Africa circling each other, as if they were a loading animation. So smart and exactly spot on!

Picot - Print Campaign

Picot is an effervescent antacid from Mexico and this print campaign by TeranTBWA is such a smart way to show how it works, using great illustration. In each of these, we see the types of foods that can repeat on you and cause indigestion, battling to get out of these powerful Picot bubbles. Perfect!

Protex - Print Campaign

We absolutely love this print campaign by Red Fuse Paris for Protex soap. It uses the fact that Protex protects against 99.9% of germs as a starting point and then shows how 0.1% of any 'scary' thing is actually not that dangerous at all. Such a smart print campaign! We'd love to see more like this!

Hill's Pet Nutrition - Print Campaign

This campaign by VML Mexico is so good! To tell people about Hill's Pet Nutrition's new product: Hill's Science Diet Active Longevity they came up with this incredibly clever idea. In each of these executions we see something that dogs love to do - chew on things, but spread over a really long time period as someone has grown up and evolved over time. This perfectly illustrates how the product can help dogs live longer and keep on being their naughty selves for as long as possible!

NYC Botanics - Print Campaign

With the legalisation of recreational marijuana in a number of states across the USA, brands are starting to pop up, offering a number of marijuana products. What's interesting, from a branding and communications perspective, is that this is somewhat new territory. Yes, strains of marijuana always had imaginative names, which act as brands in their own way (local strains like 'Durban Poison' for example) but never before have they been able to be communicated so openly. Here, we see a print campaign by GSW, an agency in New York that specialises in healthcare. It's for NYC Botanics, a company which sells CBD oil products. These products, which are non-psychoactive, have a number of benefits, which we can see brought to life here. If you imagine a consumer who might never have interacted with marijuana before, there is clearly the chance for a little trepidation and fear - something these executions deal with really well.

Over and above the communication goals of this campaign, we'd just like to point out how beautiful the art direction and illustration are here. This is truly top-notch work. We do suggest you open these images and look at them in detail as they are very, very special.

Magnum - True to Pleasure

This campaign by LOLAMullen Lowe Madrid works off a lovely insight - people who like Magnum ice creams appreciate art and the finer things in life. To bring this to life, they worked with Thomas Danthony, a French illustrator renowned for his iconic style, and created outdoor pieces of art, which subtly bring in the iconic Magnum ice cream shape. Try not to drool when you have a look at the campaign below!

KFC - Hot and Spicy

Such smart work from Ogilvy Hong Kong! To advertise KFC's 'hot and spicy' range, they used the iconic image of KFC chicken as a stand in for explosions, smoke and other images we understand as 'hot'. So smart and so good!

Cinema du Parc - Posters

These posters by Les Evades Montreal are so good! Cinema du Parc is an independent cinema that focuses on showing the best of the best - specialising in foreign and classic films. These posters, which reimagine classic movie posters with a modern, more design-forward twist are such a great way to get people excited about what's showing - how could you not want to book a ticket?

National Children's Hospital - Disney X-Rays

There's nothing better than advertising and branding for a good cause! This work by BBDO Dublin was made for the National Children's Hospital in Ireland with a very specific cause - to help scared kids feel better about being X-rayed.  To do so, they used X-rays of the main characters from Toy Story and put up these posters around the hospital, reminding children that it would be okay. We love it!

Costa Rica Philharmonic Orchestra - Print Campaign

What a fun campaign by Garnier BBDO in Costa Rica! They were tasked with creating a communications campaign for the Costa Rica Philharmonic Orchestra's series of concerts celebrating music in film and their solve for this problem is just so right. We see three different iconic film 'baddies', beautifully illustrated, playing the orchestra's instruments. Perfect!

Our favourite has got to be the stormtrooper playing the violin with a lightsaber!


McDonald's - Wayfinding Billboards

Imagine a brand so powerful and well-known that you don't even need to show the logo in its entirety for someone to recognise it... There can't be many brands in the world with this much recognition, but this work by Cossette shows that with smart thinking - it can be done. Here, they used the McDonald's logo as a wayfinding device for billboards - indicating to drivers where to turn off to get to the closest McDonald's - using just those iconic golden arches. This is just so smart! We love it!

Moog Audio - Print Campaign

It's an interesting challenge to try and visually bring to life the idea that better speakers offer more clarity and more depth to the sound of music, than cheaper ones. But that's exactly what Bleublancrouge did for this print campaign for Moog Audio. In each execution we see beautiful illustrations of all the noises one might hear in a song, with a speaker that only allows one of those 'noises' out. Such a smart way to solve this problem and so well illustrated! Check the campaign out below.

Coca Cola - Taste The Feeling

Wow! These are amazing! Memac Ogilvy created these incredible print ads for Coca-Cola, which if you look closely use crowd shots that look almost exactly like the bubbles in Coke! So smart!


Lacoste x Save Our Species

We love seeing big brands do good and this campaign by Lacoste in collaboration with Save Our Species is just spot on. In order to raise both awareness and funds for Save Our Species, Lacoste did the unthinkable - they removed their crocodile from their iconic golf shirts and replaced it with 10 threatened species from around the world.

And the really smart part? Each run of shirts with that specific animal on it, is the exact same amount of those animals left alive in the wild.

Check out the video below!

Siaya Print Campaign

If you need to advertise an outdoor apparel company there are some standard things you can do - beautiful photographs of mountains, forests and streams or images of people 'conquering' the outdoors - but what if you take a different angle on it? That's exactly what Brad Advertising did - using the line: Weird things happen when you spend too much time indoors. What a great insight!

Then, to make the idea even more fun, they used a great illustration style and some really ridiculous situations to bring this idea to life.

We love it!

McDonald's App Print Campaign

Such a great campaign by TBWA Zurich! McDonald's Switzerland was launching a new app and to announce it - a print campaign was created where iconic McDonald's menu items were illustrated as app icons. Simple, smart and memorable - just the way we like it!