Posts in Photography
Alessandro Merlo - Photography

Alessandro Merlo is an Italian photographer living and working in London. We love his style, which brings together 'queer' identities, fashion photography and portraiture in a very unique way. You can check out more of his work on his site over here.

Elena Heatherwick - Photography

Elena Heatherwick is a British photographer who works out of London. Today, we're sharing her work where she photographs and documents midwives in Liberia - capturing the hope, excitement, happiness and stress of their jobs. As a window into a world, you'll be hard pressed to find a selection of photographs that do a better job of putting you entirely into something you might never have seen.

Yishu Wang - Photography

Yishu Wang is a Chinese photojournalist who has travelled across China for the last 15 years, collecting images that attest to the true nature of China. At times weird, unsettling or downright Orwellian, these images are nothing if not entirely honest. And while they may leave you scratching your head, they definitely make you think twice about how you might understand China as a country. You can visit Yishu's site here.

Fatemeh Behboudi - Photography

Fatemeh Behboudi is a documentary photographer in Iran who is aiming to capture the culture and feel of a country where the discipline of documentary photography itself is still quite new. This series of images is from her ongoing project, Mourning for Hussain, where she documents how Shiite muslims across Iran celebrate Ashoura. Ashoura is a celebration of the life and martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the grandson of the prophet Muhammad. As a window into a world we might never see otherwise, you can't get anything much more interesting or thought provoking than this.

You can visit her site here to see more of her incredible work.

Hill's Pet Nutrition - Print Campaign

This campaign by VML Mexico is so good! To tell people about Hill's Pet Nutrition's new product: Hill's Science Diet Active Longevity they came up with this incredibly clever idea. In each of these executions we see something that dogs love to do - chew on things, but spread over a really long time period as someone has grown up and evolved over time. This perfectly illustrates how the product can help dogs live longer and keep on being their naughty selves for as long as possible!

Maison Riviera - Website

What a beautiful way to bring dairy and yoghurt products to life online! This site for Maison Riviera is a beautifully art-directed, cleverly designed example of how designing for web can start to feel more tactile. Such great work from Montreal-based interactive agency Deux Huit Huit. With loads of smart scrolling effects and beautiful photography, this website is a shining example of how you can bring FMCG products to life in a rich, exciting way for consumers. We love it!

Do visit the site here.

Seung-Gu Kim - Photography

Seung-Gu Kim is a South Korean photographer who turns his lens to South Korean culture - capturing what the people in his country are doing and trying to understand it through photography. This set of images, which captures the people of Seoul on holiday, shows how because of the incredibly long hours that people work, they are forced to visit holiday parks and other attractions close to Seoul in order to make the most of their time. This concentration of people makes for these highly-detailed photographs, which capture modern day South Koreans at leisure - making most of the scant hours left to them after they've done their work. To see more of Seung-Gu Kim's work, please visit his site here.

Alys Tomlinson - Ex Voto

As one of our students, Morgan Mulholland, was recently in London for the Sony World Photography Awards we felt it made a lot of sense to share the overall winner for 2018. Alys Tomlinson is a UK based photographer who has worked in editorial, design and advertising photography but this project, Ex Voto, for which she won the Sony World Photographer of the Year 2018, is a personal project. She shot in large format black and white and focused specifically on the things left behind in pilgrimage sites at Lourdes, Ballyvourney and Grabarka - resulting in a set of images that is entirely undeniable. From perfect portraits through to highly detailed still-lifes of the things people have left behind at these sites, her work is just beautiful.

Please do visit here site here to see more of her incredible work.

We've included more of Ex Voto below.

Chiara Zonca - Photography

Chiara Zonca is a London-based photographer who specialises in dreamy landscapes. She captures these seemingly harsh areas and, by applying her lens makes them so inviting. We love how by applying the right way of looking at something, it can be made so different - that's the power of photography! Wouldn't one of these look lovely on the wall?

You can visit Zonca's site here.


Vicki King - Photography

Vicki King is a London-based photographer who focuses mainly on fashion photography. What we especially love about her work though, is her conscious decision to create work which exists inside a 'timeless dreamscape'. This gives her work a recognisable feeling, regardless of the subject matter - the mark of a true artist! You can see more of her beautiful work on her website here.

Christopher Smith - Photography

Christopher Smith is a photographer based in Port Elizabeth with a flair for dramatic, photoshopped self portraits that place him in a number of different identities and narrative spaces. Here, we're sharing a set of photos he created for Another Man Magazine (you can see the article here), with all of the beauty and eyewear by Tom Ford. We absolutely LOVE these!

To see more of his work, please do give him a follow on Instagram here.

Sam Gregg - See Naples and Die

Sam Gregg is a photographer based in London with a keen eye for capturing incredibly real, expressive portraits. Today, we're sharing a selection from his series, 'See Naples and Die', where he spent time documenting the real people of the city. From nuns to tattooed guys who look like people you shouldn't mess with, Gregg captures it all. You can visit his site here to see more of his inspiring work.

Morgan Mulholland - Sony World Photography Awards

One of our recent graduates, Morgan Mulholland, was named as a finalist in the Sony World Photography Awards (learn more about his submission here). We created the following short video, to highlight his achievement and to offer some inspiration to other budding young photographers out there! You can see more of Morgan's work at his website here.

Check out his video below.

Alena Gelen Broncolor Ambassador

Alena Gelen, one of our third year Photography students has recently been announced as an ambassador for Broncolor! Not only is she an ambassador for them, but she has also recently given a workshop for the brand, sharing her techniques and thinking with other photographers. What an honour Alena, well done!

Check out the awesome clip below to learn more about Alena and her story!

Cole Ndelu - Updates

Stellenbosch alum Cole Ndelu is going from strength to strength. After being named a finalist in the Sony World Photography Awards she has also been listed on the Design Indaba website, as well as having a piece about her featured on Beautiful News South Africa. It's always so gratifying to see our graduates do well and achieve! Cole - we're so proud! Being featured on the Design Indaba site is no mean feat!

You can see more of Cole's work on her Behance profile here.

Oleg Oprisco - Photography

Oleg Oprisco is a Ukrainian fine art photographer who blends fashion, portraiture and of course fine art photography to create a unique visual style that is so appealing. What sets him apart and makes his work extra interesting, is that he shoots on film. This means everything you see in these photographs had to be created the old fashioned way - no photo manipulation techniques and no chance to 'fix it in post'! What a great commitment to the art.

You can see more of Oprisco's amazing work here.

Kilian Schoenberger - Photography

Kilian Schoenberger is a German photographer who captures landscapes in such a beautiful way. We love his sense for the dramatic, using a minimal colour palette to really give power to his images. These really are special!

Sydney Sie - Photography

Sydney Sie is a photographer, animator and graphic designer. Today, we're sharing her photographs, which have a bright, iridescent quality that feels so unique. We absolutely love them! You can visit her site and see more of her incredible work here.

Kalin Haydon - Photography

Kalin Haydon is an American photographer from Illinois who turns her lens toward bingo halls and bowling alleys, capturing the culture of her grandparents, who came of age in the post-war era. This project is called American Nest, and it looks at the entire culture of bowling and bingo - the people, the places and the quiet little moments in-between the action. This creates an honest, nostalgic aesthetic that we just love. Do have a look at more of Haydon's work on her website over here.