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The Creative Dialogues: Imagined Futures event brings together creatives, artists, advertisers, designers,  curators and academics from primarily South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe to share perspectives and expertise across multiple forms of ‘knowledges’. This gathering of creative minds speaks to our intent to re-think our context and to imagine and envision Southern Africa as a creative hub and  a connected space rather than a space divided by borders. We are interested in how we can position education and learning, which is our core business, within an expanded pan-African context beyond the classroom and our institution. Participating institutions include the Norval Foundation, Zeitz Mocaa, HKLM, the King James Group, Stellenbosch Outdoor Sculpture Trust and the Stellenbosch Triennale among others as well as  Anima Estúdio Criativo  from Mozambique and the National gallery of Zimbabwe, Moto Republik and Dzimbanhete Arts and Culture Interactions from Zimbabwe. The Creative Dialogues are a platform for learning, discussion and intriguing perspectives in  three key areas; technology and the creative Industries,  trends and issues in visual communication in the Africa and the role of creativity in defining African futures.

If you are interested in how creativity can shape and contribute to imagined futures, please join us for this exciting three-day free event!