Our Lecturers


Director- Barbara Fassler

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Academic Head - Dr. Ian Marley 

Dr Ian Marley joined our team in January 2015 but is no stranger to the Academy, having externally reviewed our curriculum for the five years prior. Dr Marley has years of experience as a senior lecturer and leader as well as a PhD in History of Art from North West University. We are truly privileged to have him at the Academy, where his vision and leadership will ensure that the Academy remains one of the most sought after institutions to study both nationally and internationally.

Academic Development Coordinator - Alta Schoeman

As the Academic Development coordinator Alta Schoeman has an open door policy for students who require any academic assistance or advice. Alta has a B.Ed. cum laude (UNISA), a MA Latin cum laude (University of Pretoria) and many years of experience at the University as an academic development coordinator. Alta is a gem that is always there for staff and students.

Registrar: Druscilla Triegaardt

Dru joined us in January 2017 and has been a great asset ever since. She has almost a decade of working in the education industry and when there are issues or concerns with our students she is always the first port of call. With a BA from UWC in Language and Communication, she puts those skills to good use with her keen interest in student affairs.

Head of department | Honours: Dr Annabelle Wienand

Dr Annabelle Wienand has been a friend of the Academy for years, guest lecturing and inspiring students with her signature style. With a wide range of industry experience, lecturing experience and a PhD in Visual and Art History from UCT, we are so pleased to finally have her on our permanent academic staff.

Head of department | Graphic Design: Cashandra Willemse

Cashandra Willemse joined us from the North West University in July 2014. With an MA in History of Art from the North West University, Cashandra is a powerhouse of knowledge who challenges our students to reach their very best every day. Cashandra with her innate ability to revive three-dimensional spaces has brought a fresh perspective into the Academy environment.

Head of department | Multimedia Design Studies: Wessie vd Westhuizen

Wessie is yet another valuable import from North West University, with an Honours in Creative Brand Communication from Vega. He joined us in 2014, bringing with him his highly sought after skills as one of the best multi-media lecturers in South Africa. With multi-media now being offered as a major at the Academy, we are very confident Wessie with his experience and infectious energy will lead his team to produce some of the best graduates South Africa has ever seen.

Head of department | Photography: Mark Antonello

Mark joined the Academy in 2013 and has an MFA in Film and Television Production and BA FA in Fine Art Photography from UCT. With extensive experience at home and abroad, having spent many years as a Producer/Director in London in film and TV production, Mark's high standards of teaching have already paid off. Our students under his guidance have been nominated for the Sony World Photo Awards in 2014 and 2015, the Loeries and won the Indiafrica Photography contest 2014. Mark has also been the Creative Director of SHIFTstellenbosch, a World Design Capital project, which continues to be the social activation hub within the Academy.

Head of department | Applied Illustration Design: Rosalind Stockhall

Rosalind Stockhall is a successful Illustrator of children's books who has a B.A.F.A and an Honours in Illustration from Stellenbosch University where she graduated Cum Laude in 2003. She has exhibited internationally, having won awards in France, Italy and Japan but hasn’t neglected South Africa either, with many of her illustrations published in the South African industry.In 2010 she exhibited and launched her picture book, Rondomtalie, published by NB Publishers and soon after launched her animated website in collaboration with Pulling Rabbits. Despite all this, Rosalind still finds time to teach and instil her passion in others: She has taught Illustration to young children at her Creative Art School, and has taught illustration at the Academy since 2009. In 2013 she joined the Academy permanently where she inspires her students with an infectious passion for visual storytelling and image making.

Head of department | Art Direction: Caroline Piotrowski

Caroline joined us in 2014. With close to 30 years of experience both in the industry and as a lecturer, she is the perfect person to elevate our Art Direction to new heights. Caroline began her career as an art director working at Network BBDO and JWT in Cape Town and then taught at the AAA school from 1996 to 2007. Her list of student awards is almost endless and her past graduates have gone on to become current leaders in the advertising industry.


Head of department  | Discourse: Marike Spangenberg

Marike is another powerhouse who is always inspiring, challenging and overseeing that all aspects of Design Discourse are delivered within all the visual communication fields. Marike is also the illustration lecturer for first years and works with second and third years in their critique sessions. Marike completed her MA in Visual Arts with Cum Laude at Stellenbosch University in 2013.


Head of department  | Visual Studies: Irene Grobbelaar-Lenoble

Irene began her journey studying Film and Television production at City Varsity, a BA in Applied Design at the Academy and then Hons. in Visual Studies at Stellenbosch University. As of 2017, she is currently an MA Candidate in Visual Studies at Stellenbosch University. When not living out her secret second life as a self-proclaimed Karaoke Queen, Irene runs NGO workshops that deal specifically with the representation of Self and subjectivity. Prior to joining us, Irene has lectured at both Stellenbosch University and Red and Yellow School.


Head of department  | Marketing & Business Leadership: Vanessa Potgieter

Vanessa has extensive teaching experience in the marketing field, having taught a range of topics including: market research, consumer behaviour, strategic development and integrated communication. Vanessa has a degree in Marketing Communication with further studies into industrial psychology, making her the perfect lecturer to help our students understand not only the creative side of communication but the theory side too.


Head of department  | Higher Certificate in Commercial Photography : Frank Krummacher

Frank Krummacher joined the academy in January 2018. His passion is teaching photography, and inspiring others through all its possibilities. Frank has lectured for and been involved with Nikon, SIGMA, the National College of Photography, the College of Digital Photography, VEGA, the Cape Town School of Photography and others. He also presented the Namaqualand Photographic Workshops started by Canadian Photographer Freeman Patterson for several years. His work has been published in several magazines, and Frank has been a contributor to PiX and Photocomment magazine. He is also a SIGMA ambassador and NPS member.


Lecturer  | Multimedia Design Studies : Daniela De Lange

Daniela, who originally hails from the sleepy town of Klerksdorp, obtained her four-year BA Graphic Design Degree specialising in Multimedia from the North-West University in 2012. Following this, she moved to Cape Town and studied further in Game Design & Multimedia Technology at Friends of Design. In 2013, she took on the industry as a freelance lecturer, animator, VFX artist and web designer. With a voracious appetite for knowledge, new techniques and ways of working, she is perfect for our students. Daniela joined us in 2017.


Lecturer  | Visual Studies: Dr Mike Tigere Mavura

Mike Mavura has a PhD in Politics from Rhodes University and extensive experience of working on art projects and curatorial practices. His research interests are on contemporary art practices in Africa and the intersection between Art and Politics. Mike joined the Stellenbosch Academy of Design permanently in 2018 as a Visual Arts Lecturer and Change Agent.


Lecturer  | Photography: Garyth Bevan

Garyth has been with us since 2003, offering his burning passion for photography and keen eye for a great image. He coordinates the Academy's Photography course and brings years of experience in not only the practical aspects of photography but also the inner workings of the industry itself.


Lecturer  | MultiGraphic Design: Sally Joubert

Sally joined us in 2013 and has over twenty-five years of industry experience having worked at Paarl Media, Solms Delta, Mustard Seed Marketing and Berge Farrell Agency. Throughout her career, she has moved between working in industry, consulting and teaching - keeping her at the cutting edge of design.


Part Time Lecturer  | Graphic Design: Gideon Nel

Gideon joined the team in 2017, lecturing both first and second years in the evocative and compelling art of visual communication. He has an Honours degree in Information Design from the University of Pretoria. Gideon guides students in their projects to unpack bigger questions that lead to more meaningful answers. He is passionate about the intellectual dimensions of design, creativity as a holistic process and good coffee.


Digital Technician  | Computer Design Practice : Jaco Carstens

Jaco has taught part-time at CPUT and Friends of Design and moderates the Higher Certificate in Web and Multimedia at Friends of Design. His specialisations include two-dimensional animation, HTML, mobile/web-based communication and Adobe desktop publishing packages.


Digital Technician  | Tuts: Rudi Kruger

Rudi is one of ours. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Applied Design from the Stellenbosch Academy in 2010 and his interest in digital image enhancing and retouching has made him an expert in assisting students with various digital formats, applications and processes.