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Lightroom Photography


This 12 hour course over 4 sessions is designed to assist any photographer with processing and editing of images. Lightroom makes this process faster, more efficient and enjoyable. Students will receive a certifi- cate upon successful completion of the course.


Lightroom Shortcuts and Workspace; Library and Develop Module; Slideshow,Print and Web Modules; Importing and exporting images; Viewing mode options, metadata; Working with collections and keywords, digital workflow; Editing images: white balance, setting exposure levels, sharpening, cropping, adjusting color's; Creative applications: Lightroom presets, split toning and vignetting.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Graphic designers, web designers, photographers


NEXT COURSE: 15, 22, 29 October and 5 November

TIME: Tuesday Evenings (17h30-20h00)

COURSE HOURS: 20 hours

LEVEL: Beginner

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Computer literacy

Students to bring 20 or more images on USB or external hard drive, in JPEG and RAW file formats.